Original Artwork

All original artwork on www.jaynesurrena.net are the sole property of the artist.  Therefore, there are no duplicate pieces sold from this site. Once artwork is sold, it is no longer available for purchase. 

High Quality Prints of the Original 

There are many pieces that have been acquired by individuals, companies, and Galleries from around the country. However, many of the collages that are no longer available can be purchased as a high-quality prints known as High-Quality Prints on jaynesurrena.net. High-Quality Prints are almost 100% accurate in color. Each print is made to order and each print is carefully inspected by the artist for color accuracy and to check for any flaws during the printing process. 

Color Representation

Computer monitors and mobile devices can vary in color, therefore looking at original artwork and prints on this website from one monitor to another can make a small or large difference. The colors of the collages and prints on jaynesurrena.net may vary as compared to the actual collages and prints themselves. Even though the colors of the paintings and prints as represented on this website may not be 100% accurate, the colors will be a close comparison. Jaynesurrena.net guarantees that the original paintings and the high quality prints will be vibrant in color. 


Return, Refund, Shipping and Handling Policy
Jaynesurrena.net provides a possibility to refund your money within 10 business days from date of return if there is damage from packing materials or during transport to the given location. This offer is valid within 3 days only from the date when the artwork is received by you and you have informed us by contacting us at jayne.surrena@gmail.com 

Jaynesurrena.net may also refund the purchase of the artwork if the piece is received in its original condition and undamaged. The purchaser is responsible for paying the full cost of the return shipping and handling of the artwork. If the artwork should be received in less than original condition due to some sort of damage, www.jaynesurrena.net will ship the product back to the purchaser at the purchaser’s expense with no alternative to a refund or exchange.

We are confident that you will be fully satisfied with your purchase and will need not use this service.